DLN-4MC Multi Protocol Master Adapter (system on chip)

DLN-4MC Multi Protocol Master Adapter (system on chip)
DLN-4M adapter is a powerful solution to connect and control various hardware devices using I2C, SPI or GPIO serial interfaces from your PC. The device features easy installation and plug-and-play support.

Key Features

  • USB to SPI master interface with configurable phase, polarity and frequency (up to 48MHz);
  • USB to SPI Flash interface
  • USB to I2C master interface with configurable frequency (up to 1MHz);
  • USB to UART interface;
  • 48 digital I/O pins with debounce filter, open drain functionality and embedded pull-up resistors;
  • 8 analog inputs with event-driven interface;
  • 4 PWM outputs with configurable frequency and duty cycle;
  • 3 Pulse and frequency counters with event-driven interface;
  • 1 status LED and 2 user-configurable LED's;
  • no hidden fees: API, updates, software and technical support are free;
  • USB 2.0 high-speed (480 MHz) interface with Plug-and-Play detection and notification;
  • RoHS Compliant

Event-Driven Interface

There are two approaches to monitor user actions (e.g. key presses) or sensor measurements. Your application can either poll for changes or react on events.

Here is an example that will help us understand the difference.

Let us assume that our application must notify a user if a voltage level monitored by the DLN-4M adapter is out of the predefined range.

Our application can poll the DLN-4M adapter periodically to check the digital input value. You would have to decide how frequently you need to poll this input. If you poll it too frequently, you unreasonably waste computer resources and USB bandwidth. If you poll it rarely, you can’t react on the changes in a timely manner.

Another approach is to configure the DLN-4M adapter to notify your application when the voltage level crosses the threshold. You application can perform other tasks instead of continuously polling the device. When the voltage level crosses the threshold, the DLN-4M adapter sends an event with current measurements to your application.

The polling approach wastes computer resources and USB bandwidth, while the event-driven interface facilitates more responsiveness.


Electrical Characteristics

Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Parameter Min Max
Storage Temperature -60°C +150°C
Ambient Temperature Under Bias -40°C +85°C
DC Input Voltage to Any Pin -0.3V +4.0V

Operating Conditions:

Parameter Min Max
Ta (Ambient Temperature Under Bias) 0°C +70°C
DC Current VCC and GND Pins 50mA

GPIO Characteristics:

Symbol Parameter Condition Min Max
VIH Input High Voltage 2.31V 3.6V
VIL Input Low Voltage -0.3V 0.99V
VOH Output High Voltage IOUT= 2.0mA 2.9V
VOL Output Low Voltage IOUT= -2.0mA 0.4V
IL Input Leakage Current I/O Pin 0.001mA
IDC DC Current per I/O Pin 3.0V<VDDIO<3.6V; VOH=2.2V 9mA

SPI Interface Characteristics:

Symbol Parameter Condition Min Max
VIH Input High Voltage 2.31V 3.6V
VIL Input Low Voltage -0.3V 0.99V
VOH Output High Voltage IOUT= 2.0mA 2.9V
VOL Output Low Voltage IOUT= -2.0mA 0.4V
Freq SPI Bus Frequency configurable 376 kHz 48 MHz

I2C Interface Charachteristics:

Symbol Parameter Condition Min Max
VIH Input High Voltage 2.31V 3.6V
VIL Input Low Voltage -0.3V 0.99V
VOHi Output High Voltage Internal VCC 2.9V
VOHe Output High Voltage External VCC (VCC-0.4)V
VOL Output Low Voltage 0.4V
Freq I2C Bus Frequency configurable 1470 Hz 400 kHz *

* Frequencies of up to 1 Mhz are supported. However, due to GPIO DC current limitations, the necessary size of pull-up resistors cannot be ensured.

Documentation and Downloads

Documentation & Online Support


Title Links Description
C/C++ API C/C++ API desription.
.NET API API description for .NET development.
LabView Instrument Driver NI LabView instrument driver and LabView examples description.


Title Links Description
User Manual Installation tutorial, system requirements, firmware update instructions.

Online Support

Title Links Description
Community forum Create forum thread to get answer or communicate other thread to help community members
Email products support Email us to ask product support questions.
Email orders support Email us to ask questions regarding purchasing and applied orders.
Customer online form Submit customer online form

Hardware Information

Title Links Description
Chip datasheet ATSAM3U4C chip datasheet.
Chip pinout DLN-4MC chip pinout.
Connectors and Jumpers Port and pins assignment on available connectors and jumpers description.
Schematics Board schematics.
Mechanical Drawing Board mechanical drawing.


Title Links Description
MS Windows Setup Package Contains driver, API libraries, binaries and software examples source code to use DLN adapter in MS Windows OS.
Linux Setup Package Contains all required files to start using DLN adapter in Linux. 
Firmware Update Latest firmware update for DLN adapter. Firmware can be downgraded with this application also.