According to our customers’ requests, customization can fit into one of the following categories:

  1. Development of software or hardware applications that use our product.
  2. Library development for handling specific purposes. If our customers have an application that is supposed to use one of our products, they can apply to our company and order additional functionality. Our developers can extend the API functions of library for maximum compliance with the customers’ requirements.
  3. Changes in our HW, firmware or API to encounter your specific needs. If you want to extend the functionality of our products, our company is ready to provide you with any assistance.

If you are using a product and want to replace it with a similar one produced by our company, you may encounter differences in the API of those two products. To reduce the changes in your application we can develop a library that resembles the API of previously used product.

All our products come with comprehensive and understandable documentation and lots of open source examples. That allows everybody to get familiar with them in a very short time. However, in some situations it is preferable to outsource development to the company that knows a particular subject inside out instead of spending time on learning new technologies.

We carefully consider each request to provide the lower customization fees. If other customers may also benefit from the functionality that you need, we can do the customization for a very low cost of even free of charge. Another option to reduce the customization fee is to place a relatively large order for our products.

Quality and time will be controlled if you entrust your project to us.

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