Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping cost for orders depends on shipping service provider. Generally we use DHL for deliveries, so the shipping cost is calculated online and depends on your destination.

If you want to use different shipping service provider, you should provide your personal ID of this provider during purchasing process. Standard DHL shipment should be paid anyway, but it will be refunded to you back after order confirmation. Diolan just use your personal ID for transfer, so you should pay to your shipping service provider personally.

Generally we ship purchased goods within 3-5 business days only after customer's prepayment. All other Payment Terms should be discussed with Customer Service.

Privacy & Security

Customers privacy is important to Diolan. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Returns & Replacements

Please read our Warranty.


All products can be purchased and prepaid online or by sending PO to customer service. You can also request a quotation.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Prices for you order will remain fixed after you complete purchasing process and can not be changed. We can provide holiday or season promotions, so customer will be always informed on the website Home Page.

There are 3 ways of sending payments:

  1. With your credit card (transfer is handled by PayPal server). No PayPal account is needed. Some countries may not be supported.
  2. By using your PayPal account (transfer is handled by PayPal server).
  3. Bank transfer. (Request Quotation/Proforma Invoice by sending email to Customer Service).
Viewing Orders

You can view you placed order status online or edit your draft orders in User Dashboard. Once your order is shipped you will also receive confirmation email with the tracking number.

Updating Account Information

Your Account Information can be updated or edited in User Dashboard.