I2C-CABLE-1 I2C Cable with Clips and Crocodile

I2C-CABLE-1 I2C Cable with Clips and Crocodile

40 cm I2C cable with clips and crocodile. It is used to connect SCL, SDA, VCC and Ground lines between your target and DLN-2 or DLN-1 adapter. No need to solder anything.

Cable is 40 cm (15 inch) long. The cable length is ideally suitable for the perfect balance between convenience and reliability of data transfer. It has I2C connector from one side and four SCL, SDA, VCC and Ground leads for corresponding I2C lines from the other side.

Three leads have grabber clips at the end and a GND lead has a crocodile. Clips are easily connected to the pins of the majority of standard connectors. Each clip is labeled with the signal name and has a different color for easy identification:

Signal Description Color
SCL I2C bus clock line Yellow grabber clip
SDA I2C bus data line Green grabber clip
VCC Supply voltage (see remarks below) Red grabber clip
GND Ground Black crocodile

The VCC lead can either power your target from the DLN adapter, or supply voltage to the I2C bus of the DLN adapter. For the configuration, the JP2, JP3 and JP4 jumpers are used on DLN-2 and SB3 solder bridge is used on DLN-1. See the documentation for details.

This cable is compatible with DLN-2, DLN-2-U2C, DLN-1 and DLN-1A adapters. The DLN-1 adapter comes without assembled connectors, but you can order and assemble a suitable I2C connector.

If you don’t need grabber clips, you can order the I2C-CABLE-2 cable and solder it directly to your target or to the suitable connector. You can also order the I2C-CONNECTOR-1 and assemble the custom cable.

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