I2C Connector (for cable assembly)

I2C Connector (for cable assembly)

Need to connect I2C interface of your target to DLN-2 or DLN-1 adapter? You can easily assemble the cable that can be used between your target and DLN adapters.

The connector comes with 5 crimp terminals (with 1 spare terminal) that can be used with 22-28 AWG cable.

There is no need to solder anything. You can easily clutch the cable in crimp terminals. There is a great number of special tools which can be used. If you do not have such a clip, you can use pliers or round pliers.

If you need ready-to-use cables, you can order these pre-assembled ones:

  • I2C-CABLE-1 - The 40 cm I2C cable with this connector at one end and  grabber clips on the other end.
  • I2C-CABLE-2 - The 40 cm I2C interface cable with this connector on one end and bared wires on the other end.

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