GPIO-24E USB-IO Interface Adapter with Enclosure

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GPIO-24E USB-IO Interface Adapter with Enclosure

USB-IO interface adapter GPIO-24 allows to connect various hardware devices to your PC. Easy installation and plug-and-play support makes GPIO-24 adapter an ideal solution to add USB interface to your HW. This product is not recommended for new design. Please take a look at DLN-series adapters to find the product that fulfil your requirements.


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Each of 24 USB-IO Interface Adapter lines can be independently switched to one of the following modes:

  • Digital Input Mode. USB-IO Interface Adapter sends notification to PC application when input value changes. Flexible configuration allows to set-up each line to send notification only after the specific change occurs (e.g. input level changes from high to low). To avoid sending of multiple notifications during contact bouncing, signal level is confirmed after it is stable for predefined period of time. It is also possible to send repeated notifications to inform application that input level is still the same.
  • Digital Output Mode. USB-IO Interface Adapter drives previously set output value.
  • Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) mode. USB-IO Interface Adapter produces PWM output with configured high time and low time periods. These periods can vary from 1 ms to 65.535 seconds (65535 ms).
  • Single Pulse Sending. USB-IO Interface Adapter sends single pulse with specified length and polarity. Pulse length can vary from 1 ms to 65.535 seconds (65535 ms).


USB-IO Interface Adapter is field upgradeable.

Diolan engineers developed USB Bootloader that permits updating of the adapter internal program (firmware). For firmware update you only need to launch the special application while the device is connected to USB bus.

Automatic Plug-and-Play detection and notification.

GPIO-24 adapter driver detects when new device is connected to PC and sends notification message to SW application.

USB-IO Interface Adapter is USB powered.

GPIO-24 adapter doesn't need any external power supply unit or battery. Simply connect it to USB bus and it is ready for work.

USB-IO Interface Adapter is compatible with both 5V and 3.3V signaling environments.

GPIO-24 adapter can be easily switched between 3.3V and 5V voltage levels with the on-board jumper.

Up to 128 GPIO-24 adapters can be connected to single PC.

Unique ID number can be assigned to each GPIO-24 adapter. PC SW then uses this ID numbers to distinguish between different adapters.

Compatible with USB 2.0 (as well as 1.1 & 1.0) Full-Speed USB device specification.

Windows Vista/XP/2000/98 32-bit and 64-bit compatible.

RoHS Compliant.

Documentation and Downloads

Diolan provides comprehensive set of SW applications to get instant access to all USB-IO Interface Adapter features. Our SW installation package includes source code of these applications that can be used as a good reference and starting point for your own SW development.

Application Name Key Features
tracer.exe This program monitors events and responses sent by USB-IO Interface Adapter. All events are formatted and printed on console. You can use this application as is to monitor events during your SW development.
command.exe This program sends asynchronous command to USB-IO Interface Adapter. The GPIO command should be provided as command line parameter in a form of 8 hexadecimal numbers separated by spaces.
transaction.exe This program sends synchronous commands to USB-IO Interface Adapter and prints the responses received from the GPIO-24 device. The command to send should be provided as 8 hexadecimal numbers separated by space.


Title Links Description
User Manual & API manual   Installation tutorial, system requirements, software and API description


Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 (64-bit)

Package Version Date Key Features
GPIO-24.x64.0.1.6.exe [zip] 0.1.6 27 Dec 2010 - Added Gpio24_Gui VB.NET demo application and source code;
- Added Gpio24_Gui C++ demo application and source code;
- Documentation files were revised.
GPIO-24.x64.0.1.2.exe [zip] 0.1.2 29 Mar 2010  

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 98

Package Version Date Key Features
GPIO- [zip]  0.1.6  05 Nov 2010  - Added Gpio24_Gui VB.NET demo application and source code.
GPIO- [zip]  0.1.5  06 Sep 2010  - Added Gpio24_Gui C++ demo application and source code.
GPIO- [zip]  0.1.4  19 Aug 2010  - Documentation files were revised.
GPIO- [zip]  0.1.3  17 Jul 2010  
GPIO- [zip]  0.1.2  29 Sep 2009  
GPIO- [zip]  0.1.1  6 Jul 2009  

Device Firmware

Package Version Date Key Features
 gpio24fw.0.4.2.exe [zip]  0.4.2  21 Dec 2010  - Fixed problem with second pulse counter.
 gpio24fw.0.4.1.exe [zip]  0.4.1  06 Dec 2010  - Fixed auto-reset pins settings;
 - Fixed "Fail to send command" bug.
 gpio24fw.0.4.0.exe [zip]  0.4.0  19 Aug 2010  
 gpio24fw.0.3.5.exe [zip]  0.3.5  29 Sep 2009  - Pulse counter functionality.
 gpio24fw.0.3.4.exe [zip]  0.3.4  18 Sep 2009  - Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) functionality; 
 - Frequency counter functionality;
 - Weak software pull up resistors functionality.